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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 January 2014

Today is the 32nd birthday of Number 2 Son Ryan, who came into this world on a Saturday morning at 9.48am. My ex-wife went into labour on New Year’s Day 1982, but as he was in the breach position her gynaecologist stopped the labour in order to perform a caesarean section the next morning. By the time he was delivered he had turned again, something quite unusual, but he was born with his umbilical cord around his neck so it was for the best.

I remember the exact moment I first saw my son, I had not been able to attend the birth of my eldest son so this was a first for me, I was as proud as could be, and later that day when Kane saw his baby brother for the first time and held him in his arms my world was bliss.

My mother was the only fly in the ointment on that day, I will never forget that when I called her to say she had another grandson she told me off for not going to work. My mother has always been a misery guts when it suited her.

2013 was a difficult year for Ryan, his fiancée Melissa, and their family, Bailey 13, Cody 10, and Calais 2, but they have persevered, and are determined that 2014 will be their year, I certainly hope so.

Like all parents I have wonderful memories of Ryan’s childhood, but also some sad ones as when he was still a baby his mother had severe back problems and could not look after him, these were the days before you could get paid parental leave, and we had to leave Ryan with my ex-wifes parents during the week and we only had him for weekends. It was a circumstance I will always regret but at the time we had no choice.

Through it all Ryan always knew, and still does know, that I love him very much. I know he has a wonderful and happy life to come.

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