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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 January 2014

Brian has an annoying habit, particularly on weekends, he will go upstairs to surf the internet knowing full well that if he were not doing it I probably would be, he then gets tired and goes for a siesta. Does Brian tell me he is finished so I can get on-line, no way. This afternoon I made a point of asking him to let me know when he goes for a sleep, but did he let me know, no, I found out by coming upstairs to see if there was anything of interest going on.

Last night we went to Carol’s for a bbq where we caught up with some very good friends, we had a lovely night. Carol’s bbq gas bottle ran out of gas half way into the cooking process, but my idea of substituting the gas with methane fell flat. Some people have no sense of humour.

Today I have started going through cupboards in preparation for our move. We have two televisions, three video players, two scanners, a heater and a lawn mower to dispose of. We have moved these things from house to house for years but use none of them so it is time to go.

Like many people here in Australia I am tired of hearing about the number of young men in particular who are falling victims to “king hits”. Some of these young men sadly succumb to their injuries while others are left permanently disabled, their lives and those of their families changed forever. I believe the penalties for the offenders need to be far more severe, and I also believe those penalties should include forced attendance at centres that care for the victims of these crimes, make them face head on the results of their drunken actions.

Governments can do more to help alleviate this problem, raise the drinking age to 21 and shorten the hours during which alcohol can be served. In addition the laws and penalties vary from state to state, I have said it before and I will say it again, in Australia I believe all states and territories should abide by the same laws. That’s my opinion.

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