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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 January 2014

A busy day today, I washed all of the windows I could reach on the outside, not like me at all as windows are not my thing but then again cleaning is not my thing period, Brian does that. I do the washing and ironing and wash the floors and do most of the vacuuming. If I could afford t0 pay someone I would not do that much. Basically I am quite lazy, not proud of it but its a fact so no point denying it.

Wade and his partner Gink are off to Kangaroo Island tomorrow for a long weekend, Kane and his wife Kristin go to Phuket on Tuesday for 6 days, and Blake is talking about possibly moving to Alice Springs for a few years from late February. What about me, it isn’t fair. Do not get any ideas Brian, I might complain but you know it is only for show, I am quite happy here in Adelaide.

It looks like Summer will finally hit from tomorrow, none too happy about that I can assure you. I hate the hot weather and it seems we will have  a few days of 40 plus, not my cup of tea. Why did it have to wait for me to go back to work, I would have been perfectly comfortable at home. Bugger!

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