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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 January 2014

Quite a warm day today, nothing like the stinkers we will have later in the week though. At the moment I am quite cool sitting here however after a few days of 40 plus the evaporative air conditioning doesn’t do so well, although granted any air conditioning is better than no air conditioning. It will be lovely to get back to a nice refrigerated air conditioning system, like we have in the new house. Just two weeks to go.

This afternoon there was an open inspection in our current house, eight groups through in 30 minutes, not too bad really. Unfortunately we have a another next Saturday but after that it will not be our problem.

I am struggling to get into my latest Dan Brown book, Angels and Demons, perhaps because I saw the movie first. I think I will be ok once the action starts, but it seems to be taking a long time to get going.

Brian has just come upstairs for his afternoon nap, poor thing, his back is sore and he is tired. I sometimes wonder who is the oldest in this family, I have him by a few years but unfortunately with a debilitating back problem he is slower than I am, physically anyway. 🙂

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