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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 January 2014

Yesterday I posted the following completely innocent status on Facebook, “I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear”. What most people didn’t realise is that it was part of a silly little game currently doing the rounds on Facebook. I got more comments on this status than anything I have posted since I first started on Facebook. I am pleased that it made so many people smile, I have certainly had a good chuckle reading their comments.

This morning Brian and I took another two bags of clothes to St Vinnies, there are three bins at the local store and all three were chock a block full, with considerable overload stacked at the front of the shop. It is good to see that so many people are donating their old wares to this charity, it pleases me to think that my old clothes, some of which are actually not all that old, they have just shrunk slightly in the wash, will be of benefit to someone else, or help a very deserving charity raise some much-needed funds.

Back to the office tomorrow, lord knows how many emails I will have waiting for me, fortunately I don’t think there will be anything too urgent as my bosses have been taking the emergency calls and they would have called me.

My first meeting notices for 2014 will be in the mail tomorrow afternoon, and I have a new corporation to collect from a rival strata management company later in the week. I am quite looking forward to that as two of my former colleagues now work for this company so I will get a chance to say hello.

That’s it, holidays over, only another 49 weeks until the next lot. Rock on 2014.


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