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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 January 2014

As Robert Palmer wrote in his song Some Like It Hot, “Feel the heat”, well I’m feeling it and I don’t like it one little bit. At least we have some relief in sight by Friday night, but tomorrow could be our hottest day on record. Yay!

There is one more thing I don’t like about summer and that’s cricket. At the risk of being vilified by the throng of cricket lovers around Australia, each to their own, but I cannot imagine anything more boring. I have never watched a game of cricket, I have never played a game of cricket, and I am not interested in understanding it, what I have been subjected to over the years has bored me senseless.

Brian and I are not impressed with the new co-host on Channel Ten’s The Project, Pete Helliar, this guy is just not funny. I know he has done a lot of television, and I know he probably has a legion of fans, but we just don’t see it. Charlie Pickering and Carrie Bickmore do a great job, for my money I would leave it to them along with a guest host as they currently do. Dr Andrew Rochford does a great job.

That’s it from me, I have ostracised enough of Australia for one day and it is cooler downstairs. Bye!

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