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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 January 2014

Not that I am complaining but it has been as hot as hell in Adelaide this week and tonight it is blowing a gale outside, the temperature has dropped dramatically from the 40 plus we had earlier today and it is wonderful.

My son Kane and his wife are having a great time in Phuket, they have gone white water rafting, on an elephant trek, all kinds of things one does on holiday that one does not normally do. Kristin put a photo of them on Facebook both atop an elephant, Kane looked quite grand, sitting proudly like an experienced mahout, but poor Kristin looked like she was hanging on for grim life.

Now I have to confess that when it comes too my food I can be quite adventurous, I am certainly the one who will try almost anything, but last night I watched a documentary about eating insects, the food of the future that will save our planet. Not my thing, I think if I really had to, but definitely not by choice.

I understand from the documentary that 3 billion people around the world eat insects on a daily basis, particularly those from what we call third world countries. I suppose in the west we should not be so proud, we are truly spoilt. Thinking back to the vision of those poor impoverished souls with their humble lifestyles, they seemed happy with their lot, they really do put us to shame, we waste more food on a daily basis than these people see in months.

It did make me think though, what a lucrative business it would be to harvest insects and sell them to these countries, or better still give them as part of our foreign aid program, the “farms” could be worked as part of the “work for the dole” program. How many locust plagues have we had? The “livestock” virtually rear themselves, there is no real animal husbandry involved, and we would be helping those less fortunate. Who knows, we westerners might actually try them and like them. Food for thought, if you will excuse the pun.

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