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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 January 2014

I am pleased that’s over, our last open inspection in this house, next weekend we start the big move. Like most things in life not all is going smoothly, the people from whom we are buying our house have postponed settlement by ten days, but only a slight inconvenience as we have signed a “Licence to Occupy” agreement so we can still move as scheduled. We do have to pay rent however, $1 per day. šŸ™‚

Brian and I have stated packing, but now we can speed things up, all we need to keep out is what we need for the next week. Next weekend is a long weekend in Adelaide and we are borrowing a uteĀ so we can move all the small things ourselves, really small things as due to Brian’s back problem I will be doing all the actual moving. The furniture and heavier items will be moved on the Tuesday when theĀ removalists come in.

We are going to take our grandson Cody with us on the Saturday as he loves cleaning, not sure where he gets that from, and he can help me clean out the cupboards before we start stacking them again. Brian as always will do his fair share, despite his back he is no slacker, I just have to watch he does not overdo it.

When this place is empty we will give it a lick and a promise, final inspection with the landlord on Friday week and we are done. Brian will be on holidays so he canĀ potter for a few weeks and unpack bit by bit at the new house.

We are both very excited, so full of plans for our new “northern estate”. I can see some intense discussions coming up as whilst we are similar in many ways we are also different like most couples, we both know what we want and that is not always the same thing. Cannot wait.



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