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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 January 2014

We had a lovely day yesterday, son Number 3 Blake and his six-year-old daughter Jade came for lunch, nothing special just meat and salad but it was a good visit. Jade was quite bored for a while and was not all that talkative but after lunch I played a couple of games with her and we watched a movie. When Blake said it was time to go she had changed her tune and did not want to go. She is a beautiful child, very well-mannered, a credit to her parents.

After Blake and Jade had left Brian and I packed a few more boxes ready for the big move, I suppose we have done about two-thirds but there is still a bit to go. We have another bag of goodies for St Vinnies. Tonight has been a slack night, I did some ironing but no packing, tomorrow night.

On Saturday when we take the first load to our new home we will be picking up our grandson Cody as he is going to help us clean. There is nothing Cody loves more than to help, and he is an exceptionally good little helper, he attacks every task with gusto.

My eldest son Kane and his wife Kristin are on their way home from Phuket as I type, I am looking forward to seeing them next weekend and hearing all about their first overseas trip. I imagine their four children are busting to see Mum and Dad and see what presents they have.

Some more news tonight, Blake is going to live in Alice Springs for a couple of years, I will certainly miss him. As Jade will be in Adelaide with her mother I hope he will come back often, if not I will have to invade, Jade in hand.

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