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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 January 2014

Another busy day packing, changing addresses, washing, a doctor’s appointment, so much for a relaxing day off. My days off are  numbered now, maybe next Wednesday after the move I can relax but I doubt it, Brian will be on holidays and I suppose we will be unpacking. All for the greater good.

I will miss the serenity here, there is rarely any noise, it is a very relaxing place to live. Home is where the heart is though, it is not the suburb that counts but the home and the person you are sharing it with. I must be getting soppy in my old age.

There are two things I definitely will not miss, firstly those damned stairs, no more two-storey houses for us, what with Brian’s back and my knees we are over it. What is the second thing I will not miss, those bloody cyclists, not your every day pushbike variety, but those that think they own the road. In my opinion all road bikes should be registered, maybe then cyclists will abide by the same road rules the rest of us must adhere to.

It is a lovely day here in North Haven, slightly overcast, a bit on the cool side, just the slightest of breezes. Considering what lies ahead of me in the next few days I am surprisingly calm, and very much looking forward to our move. It will be quite sad to leave the house we have called home for the last three and a bit years, but it was not our house, this time next week we will be in our house, our home, what more could we ask.


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