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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 January 2014

So where did Justin Bieber go wrong, he started out as a fresh-faced kid singing catchy songs. He was well-known for his charity work and people such as Ellen DeGeneres talked him up as a paragon of virtue……Slips!

I would be ashamed to call this boy my son, to say he has gone off the rails is an understatement. Under-age drinking, drugs, driving without a licence, the list goes on. What about his legion of young fans that look up to this loser, parents encourage your children to find a hero elsewhere, only by turning our backs on this boy will he learn. Where will he be in 10 years time if he continues like this, with all the others who trod this path before him and left our world too soon. It is a one way trip to oblivion.

Fame puts too much pressure on young shoulders, let your children be children, there will be enough pressure on them as adults, don’t wish their lives away. It is time for this boy’s family to intervene before it is too late.

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