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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 January 2014

What a weekend. Settlement went through on our new home as originally scheduled  on Friday and Brian picked up the keys after work. I joked at work that we had borrowed a  sack truck as that was the only way either of us could carry the other across the threshold. 🙂 When I got home we loaded up Brian’s car and headed north with our first load for the weekend. Kane and Kristin and their children called in to see the house and give it the thumbs up after we ran into them at a local takeaway buying pizza.

On Saturday morning we headed up with another load and Brian picked up Cody on the way. Cody was a great help, he cleaned and helped wherever he could, he was in his element. Saturday night we had dinner at Viva Zapata Mexican Cantina on Semaphore Road, a lovely meal then home to relax. Cocktails and Margaritas, what a joy!

Sunday we headed out to the new house with another load, this time we started putting away what we could as we could not move for boxes. Aside from the fridge the kitchen is just about in  working order and most of our clothes are in the wardrobe. On the way up I realised what a couple of idiots we were, this was the second load we had done with two cars packed full to the brim, just one little problem, both times we forgot to pack my car boot. 🙂 In the evening we want to Parwana Afghan restaurant, the food was wonderful and the service excellent. Brian and I have been very critical in recent months as we have had some terrible service, but at this little restaurant on Henley Beach Road, we could not fault it.

This morning we took up another load to the house, our last before the removalists come in tomorrow and move the furniture. Tonight is our last night here in North Haven, this has been a wonderful house but it was not ours.

We are both well and truly stuffed, Brian is asleep downstairs and I am thinking of joining him. Tomorrow morning I will go to work from North Haven and go home to Craigmore. Brian is on leave so will spend the day directing the removalists. Another chapter of our life together starts anew.



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