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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 February 2014

Not quite how I expected to spend my day off, it doesn’t rain it just pours. I had intended to visit Mum in the nursing home today, in her own way Mum made sure she would get that visit. A little before 10.00 the nursing home rang to say they had called an ambulance to take Mum to hospital, she had been vomiting, was very disoriented, and her heart rate was a bit erratic.

After calling my sister Carolyn it was off to the Lyell McEwin for a long wait. We sat there very patiently for over two hours before a doctor finally came to see her, during that time Mum had not said a word, she was blissfully asleep, completely unaware of where she was or what was going on.

It appears Mum may have another urinary tract infection, however the doctor was also concerned there may be something on her lung so ordered x-rays and blood tests. At least twenty years ago Mum told us she had the early stages of emphysema but you never knew with Mum, she is not averse to the odd fib if it is to her advantage, certainly she has shown no signs of it since, anyway the doctors need to check everything.

After three hours Carolyn and I decided to go home, Mum was in Lala land and the hospital will call us with the test results. Just my luck that Mum has been complaining about seeing me and when I do go in she doesn’t even know I have been. Oh well home now, a load of washing done, clothes folded, time to do some ironing.

By the way, I have found out where my local racing pigeon club is 🙂

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 February 2014

We are home from Cody’s reptile party, I kept a respectable distance but still had a good view of my much braver grandchildren. Not all of the children were overly impressed with the animals, some would not touch them, but they all had a good look. Not one but three snakes, a half-dozen or so lizards, a baby crocodile, a tortoise, a bettong, a tawny frogmouth, and a flying possum. Brian surprised me, he had this huge python around his neck, he said it was quite heavy. I must confess I am impressed, I did not think for one minute he would have done that, poor thing is having an afternoon nap now.

It was a shame that Jade and Blake, and Wade and Gink could not make the party, with Blake moving to Alice Springs in April I will not be able to have my entire family together very often from now on. The kids have to make their own lives though and if the best thing for Blake is to move then move he must, I don’t have to like it, I just have to accept it.

I know I have complained a lot on here about women putting on their makeup whilst driving but the other day a woman I saw just left me speechless. There she was sitting in her car in the middle of the intersection of Grand Junction Road and Hampstead Road waiting to turn right, and what was she doing, why putting on her lip gloss of course.

Downton Abbey is back tonight, one of my favourite television shows. Maggie Smith is wonderful as the dowager Lady Grantham, in fact the entire cast are superb. We are also looking forward to Fat Tony on Channel 9, all my favourite shows all on the one night, not to mention My Kitchen Rules and So You Think You Can Dance. What to watch and what to record, decisions, decisions. 🙂


Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 February 2014

I am feeling a little ordinary today, stomach cramps and all that comes with it have hit me this afternoon. We were going to see Mum at the nursing home but not feeling like this. This morning we went to the Animal Welfare League as Brian would like a puppy, only adult dogs available and very expensive to buy, may as well go to a pet shop or buy privately.

Brian and I were intrigued by an article we saw on television through the week about women breast-feeding other women’s babies, the pros and cons. Some believe this could subject the babies to infection but I thought that was the idea behind breast-feeding, so the baby would get its mothers immunities. Lets not forget that in the not too distant past wet nurses were quite common, women employed for the express purpose, no pun intended, of breast-feeding other people’s babies.

This pricked Brian’s interest and he said, “Do you think the milk from different women tastes different, does it depend on the diet of the mother”, and interesting point. I quipped back “Don’t you remember”, at which he physically shuddered and we both collapsed into a fit of laughter. Fortunately I was bottle fed, Mum tried but her milk was clotted and it was a dry argument, lucky me!

Not sure I am looking forward to tomorrow, last Monday my grandson Cody turned 11 and tomorrow is his birthday party, complete with snakes. I have made it quite clear that no-one is to come near me with a snake, it will take everything I have to even go outside. The things we do for our grandchildren.

Another of my sons has had a tough week, it pains me to have to sit back and just observe, a band-aid and a cuddle just don’t cut it any more. All I can hope for is that in the long run it will all be good.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 February 2014

I am feeling rather tired today, last night I did not get a very good sleep. We have two hard-wired smoke alarms in our house, and like all good hard-wired smoke alarms they have a battery. At around 2.00 this morning one of these batteries decided to let us know that it was on its last legs and every couple of minutes it beeped. As Murphy’s Law would have it the smoke alarm in the hallway we could reach was not the offending one, no it was the on the pitched ceiling in the dining room that you need a ladder to reach. Do we have a ladder, no. Kane to the rescue, again. Thank you very much Son.

Son number 3 is having a spot of bother again, he is quite distressed at the moment but I have faith in him, I have no choice. Rest assured Son you have a wonderful future ahead of you, just another unwelcome bump in the road.

The extreme weather conditions are taking their toll here in Adelaide, as hot as buggery one week, and pouring with rain the next, we had the wettest February day in 45 years. At its worst yesterday it took me almost two hours to get to work, bumper to bumper to bumper all the way. I would still rather have rain than heat any day.

Grandson Cody will be 11 on Monday, where have the years gone, so this morning we took him shopping for his birthday present. It is difficult for us to know what the older grandchildren like as the get older, the little ones are much easier to please.

Cody’s baby sister Calais, Miss Two, wanted to come with us, what an experience. I adore Calais as I do all of my grandchildren, but this child could talk under wet cement with a mouthful of marbles bless her. She certainly keeps us entertained. I was quietly pleased that she did not need to go to the toilet whilst we were out, I can only imagine what people would think seeing a middle-aged man taking a two-year-old little girl into the toilets. So sad that I would even have to think about that.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 February 2014

What to watch and what to record for later, that is the burning question of the day. My Kitchen Rules, The Block, INXS, So You Think You Can Dance, this time last month there was nothing on television, now I want to watch everything.

One thing I am not interested in watching, Schapelle, I am so tired of hearing about her. The timing is uncanny though, do I sense a conspiracy theory? There is just one thing I would like to know, did she do it, she must have, it would be nice to know the truth and then just get on with it.

I have just posted ads on Gumtree and Facebook as we have an abundance of palm tress in our back yard that we do not want. They are free for anyone that will just come and take them. The grape vines are going as well, along with a dead gum tree that has already dropped one bough since we have been here.

It has taken me a while but I have finally finished reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, another very good read although the last couple of pages were a disappointment. I love the fact that his novels are interspersed with fact, it makes for a very gripping read and the storylines are almost believable…..another conspiracy theory????? 🙂

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 February 2014

Home alone, Brian is at a high school reunion. I hope he acquaints himself with some old school friends, the reunion is open to all years so the chances of him finding someone he wants to know may be remote. I hope he has a good time, he has worked so hard settling us into our new home he deserves a break.

I still have an itch I can’t scratch, I want another business. You would think after three failed attempts I would be over it but not me. The first two businesses we just bought at the wrong time, we were naive mugs and did not do our homework properly, and as for Graham’s Goodies, that was a bit of a half-baked farce, I should have known I could not compete with the big on-line retailers.

What sort of business would I like, my own little shop full of collectibles, I would be as happy as a pig in s*#t. I know Brian would like another pub but his chronic back problem rules that one out. Looking around the house we have a number of things I could sell and garage sales and op shops would supply a good deal as well, so I don’t think stock would cost awfully much.

The biggest issue would be replacing my income from day one as we cannot afford to go without the money I make, particularly when you have no guarantee of when the money will start coming in, then you have the overheads to come out before your bring home you first dollar. This may have to be my part-time retirement thing to keep me out of trouble, when I am not tending to my racing pigeons.

I am very much looking forward to the cool change that is about to hit Adelaide, such a shame it will be so short-lived.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..7 February 2014

My sister Carolyn and her husband Fred called in tonight, she said she wanted to talk about Dad but I think the real reason was to check the house out. This is the first time in six years she has been to one of our homes, she probably would not have visited this one except that it is around the corner. Some people do not like to go outside of their comfort zone.

Dad is apparently quite depressed as my stepmother’s condition is declining rapidly and he is not handling it at all well, and being by himself with no outside interest gives him too much time to think. Apparently he thinks they would both be better off if they were not here, I think I need to have a chat with him, not that it will do much good, he has lived his entire life his way.

Carolyn also told me that our other female sibling, I shan’t call her sister as she really is not one, is miffed as I have not gone crawling back to her because she is ill. This is the same sibling who just a few months ago screamed obscenities because I had been told of her illness in the first place. Although I wish her no harm I do not want her in my life so she had better deal with it. Over the years she has said and done too many vile things, not just to me but to my children, and she does not deserve to be forgiven just because she is ill.  Apparently she wants Carolyn to bring her passed our house, and although I cannot stop Carolyn I do not really want either of the others to know where we live.

A stinker of a day tomorrow so except for getting my lotto I will not be leaving the house. Roll on Winter.