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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 February 2014

That’s it, all the boys have seen our new  home, and all gave it their tick of approval. As they said, when you go through what Brian and did just over three years ago, and now we have been able to buy our own home, we have done bloody well. It just goes to show that by saving and planning we can do anything.

Ryan and Melissa were the last to come over, we saw them today. Two year old Calais and Cody were with them and Calais had to go to the toilet. We were sitting in the lounge talking and all we could hear was Calais at the top of her lungs saying, “Come on poo, come out”. She is a classic, we wet ourselves laughing.

I mus confess to being over this hot weather, the air conditioners are struggling and that means we are struggling. I really hope Kane is wrong and we will be able to put ducted air conditioning in here.

Last night we went to our second Bollywood night at Little India in Osborne with Jo, Kate , and Maggie. What a good night, the food was good, the service was much better than the first time, and we had great company. I have to say the girl who does the Bollywood dancing is not a small girl, she has more courage than I do to get up like that.

Unfortunately for me spicy food does not agree with me any more and I have suffered just a bit today. I had better toughen up as we are booked to go back to the next Bollywood night in four weeks, the last Friday of every month. Might see you there.

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