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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 February 2014

We’ve been in our new home a little over a week now and last night was the first good night’s sleep I have had. The first few nights the air conditioner in our bedroom kept me awake, it is very loud, and the next night there was a storm and a tree branch was banging against our garage all night. Tree branch gone thanks to Kane, you are still in the will son, weather milder, result, a good night’s sleep at last.

Basically we are unpacked and most things have a home, still a little bit if rejigging to do but overall our house now looks like a home. Brian has done a great job, his back has held out but he is a little grumpy as he has really not had much of a break, now he can spend the remainder of his holidays chilling out a bit, he can reenergise.

The only downside from my perspective is that this is the first time in years we have been able to unpack all of our belongings, which is a good thing, and two of my favourite books have gone missing somewhere over the years. The first book entitled Pigeon City was given to me as a child by my Grandma Allan when I first became interested in racing pigeons, sentimental value more than anything. The second book entitled Pigeon Lore was given to me by my father at about the same time and now that I intend to race pigeons again I would love to be able to refer to it. If any of my boys would like to ensure their place in my will there  are two big hints.

Today we have bought a broom cupboard for the laundry so we can tidy things up a bit in there, and our garage is now a garage. This morning we took some old televisions and other electrical to a recycle shop, and we have replaced the curtains in our bedroom.

On a lighter note I am thoroughly enjoying the new season of My Kitchen Rules, Kelly and Chloe have been put back in their box, now someone just needs to find the lid, they are not nice girls. I thought there had been some controversial teams on this show before but not like these girls, I would be ashamed if they were my daughters.

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