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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..7 February 2014

My sister Carolyn and her husband Fred called in tonight, she said she wanted to talk about Dad but I think the real reason was to check the house out. This is the first time in six years she has been to one of our homes, she probably would not have visited this one except that it is around the corner. Some people do not like to go outside of their comfort zone.

Dad is apparently quite depressed as my stepmother’s condition is declining rapidly and he is not handling it at all well, and being by himself with no outside interest gives him too much time to think. Apparently he thinks they would both be better off if they were not here, I think I need to have a chat with him, not that it will do much good, he has lived his entire life his way.

Carolyn also told me that our other female sibling, I shan’t call her sister as she really is not one, is miffed as I have not gone crawling back to her because she is ill. This is the same sibling who just a few months ago screamed obscenities because I had been told of her illness in the first place. Although I wish her no harm I do not want her in my life so she had better deal with it. Over the years she has said and done too many vile things, not just to me but to my children, and she does not deserve to be forgiven just because she is ill.  Apparently she wants Carolyn to bring her passed our house, and although I cannot stop Carolyn I do not really want either of the others to know where we live.

A stinker of a day tomorrow so except for getting my lotto I will not be leaving the house. Roll on Winter.

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