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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 February 2014

Home alone, Brian is at a high school reunion. I hope he acquaints himself with some old school friends, the reunion is open to all years so the chances of him finding someone he wants to know may be remote. I hope he has a good time, he has worked so hard settling us into our new home he deserves a break.

I still have an itch I can’t scratch, I want another business. You would think after three failed attempts I would be over it but not me. The first two businesses we just bought at the wrong time, we were naive mugs and did not do our homework properly, and as for Graham’s Goodies, that was a bit of a half-baked farce, I should have known I could not compete with the big on-line retailers.

What sort of business would I like, my own little shop full of collectibles, I would be as happy as a pig in s*#t. I know Brian would like another pub but his chronic back problem rules that one out. Looking around the house we have a number of things I could sell and garage sales and op shops would supply a good deal as well, so I don’t think stock would cost awfully much.

The biggest issue would be replacing my income from day one as we cannot afford to go without the money I make, particularly when you have no guarantee of when the money will start coming in, then you have the overheads to come out before your bring home you first dollar. This may have to be my part-time retirement thing to keep me out of trouble, when I am not tending to my racing pigeons.

I am very much looking forward to the cool change that is about to hit Adelaide, such a shame it will be so short-lived.

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