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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 February 2014

I am feeling rather tired today, last night I did not get a very good sleep. We have two hard-wired smoke alarms in our house, and like all good hard-wired smoke alarms they have a battery. At around 2.00 this morning one of these batteries decided to let us know that it was on its last legs and every couple of minutes it beeped. As Murphy’s Law would have it the smoke alarm in the hallway we could reach was not the offending one, no it was the on the pitched ceiling in the dining room that you need a ladder to reach. Do we have a ladder, no. Kane to the rescue, again. Thank you very much Son.

Son number 3 is having a spot of bother again, he is quite distressed at the moment but I have faith in him, I have no choice. Rest assured Son you have a wonderful future ahead of you, just another unwelcome bump in the road.

The extreme weather conditions are taking their toll here in Adelaide, as hot as buggery one week, and pouring with rain the next, we had the wettest February day in 45 years. At its worst yesterday it took me almost two hours to get to work, bumper to bumper to bumper all the way. I would still rather have rain than heat any day.

Grandson Cody will be 11 on Monday, where have the years gone, so this morning we took him shopping for his birthday present. It is difficult for us to know what the older grandchildren like as the get older, the little ones are much easier to please.

Cody’s baby sister Calais, Miss Two, wanted to come with us, what an experience. I adore Calais as I do all of my grandchildren, but this child could talk under wet cement with a mouthful of marbles bless her. She certainly keeps us entertained. I was quietly pleased that she did not need to go to the toilet whilst we were out, I can only imagine what people would think seeing a middle-aged man taking a two-year-old little girl into the toilets. So sad that I would even have to think about that.

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