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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 February 2014

I am feeling a little ordinary today, stomach cramps and all that comes with it have hit me this afternoon. We were going to see Mum at the nursing home but not feeling like this. This morning we went to the Animal Welfare League as Brian would like a puppy, only adult dogs available and very expensive to buy, may as well go to a pet shop or buy privately.

Brian and I were intrigued by an article we saw on television through the week about women breast-feeding other women’s babies, the pros and cons. Some believe this could subject the babies to infection but I thought that was the idea behind breast-feeding, so the baby would get its mothers immunities. Lets not forget that in the not too distant past wet nurses were quite common, women employed for the express purpose, no pun intended, of breast-feeding other people’s babies.

This pricked Brian’s interest and he said, “Do you think the milk from different women tastes different, does it depend on the diet of the mother”, and interesting point. I quipped back “Don’t you remember”, at which he physically shuddered and we both collapsed into a fit of laughter. Fortunately I was bottle fed, Mum tried but her milk was clotted and it was a dry argument, lucky me!

Not sure I am looking forward to tomorrow, last Monday my grandson Cody turned 11 and tomorrow is his birthday party, complete with snakes. I have made it quite clear that no-one is to come near me with a snake, it will take everything I have to even go outside. The things we do for our grandchildren.

Another of my sons has had a tough week, it pains me to have to sit back and just observe, a band-aid and a cuddle just don’t cut it any more. All I can hope for is that in the long run it will all be good.

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