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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 February 2014

Not quite how I expected to spend my day off, it doesn’t rain it just pours. I had intended to visit Mum in the nursing home today, in her own way Mum made sure she would get that visit. A little before 10.00 the nursing home rang to say they had called an ambulance to take Mum to hospital, she had been vomiting, was very disoriented, and her heart rate was a bit erratic.

After calling my sister Carolyn it was off to the Lyell McEwin for a long wait. We sat there very patiently for over two hours before a doctor finally came to see her, during that time Mum had not said a word, she was blissfully asleep, completely unaware of where she was or what was going on.

It appears Mum may have another urinary tract infection, however the doctor was also concerned there may be something on her lung so ordered x-rays and blood tests. At least twenty years ago Mum told us she had the early stages of emphysema but you never knew with Mum, she is not averse to the odd fib if it is to her advantage, certainly she has shown no signs of it since, anyway the doctors need to check everything.

After three hours Carolyn and I decided to go home, Mum was in Lala land and the hospital will call us with the test results. Just my luck that Mum has been complaining about seeing me and when I do go in she doesn’t even know I have been. Oh well home now, a load of washing done, clothes folded, time to do some ironing.

By the way, I have found out where my local racing pigeon club is 🙂

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