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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 March 2014

Just when I was starting to think that perhaps I should put my foray back into pigeon racing on hold I stumble across the perfect start-up pigeon loft for sale. I have tried to ring the guy and have left a message, I really hope I get it.

Brian and I went to put on our lotto again this morning and behold another little win. Every week bar one since we have been in our new home we have won something, I really hope the big one is coming. Thank you Universe.

We bought some new curtains for the spare bedroom this morning, they look quite good, much better than what they are replacing. It is not that there was really anything wrong with the old curtains, it is just that they were floral and not to our taste. Off to St Vinnies with them.

Lat night we went to Little India at Osborne for dinner with a group of friends who had not been there before, we were quite disappointed, the food was great but the service was the worst it has ever been, one drink all night. To make matters worse the people we were with did not seem to enjoy the Bollywood style entertainment, and then there was a kerfuffle with the bill and Brian and I finished up paying much more than we should. We don’t mind picking up a bit of slack here and there but last night was a bit much. We shall have to work out a better method of paying the bill next time. I don’t think it was really anyone’s fault, it was just that the girl taking the money got confused with the Entertainment vouchers and while she took it off the individual accounts she did not take it off the balance, just one of those things 🙂

Another Mardi Gras and yet again it is not televised, what is wrong with the television execs, this is a major cultural event in Australia, it has nothing to do with whether you are gay or straight, it is pure entertainment. Maybe next year.


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