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Thoughts of a midde aged man…..2 March 2014

Brian and I have just come home from a day out, shopping at Harbortown for some new shoes for Brian, and then off to help a friend who has just moved house. It has certainly been a beautiful day to be out and about.

We stopped in at Harvey Norman as we have decided we would like wi-fi to allow us to access the internet from any room in the house, not as straight forward as we thought. Time to rethink as our wireless access will apparently not be sufficient so we need to upgrade that as well. It is all getting too hard, I think I will throw my little hands up in the air and have a tantrum.

I have just spoken to the guy who advertised the pigeon loft for sale, he has just bought a house with the pigeon loft and just wants to get rid of it, the price seems very reasonable for what it is. We have just been out in the back yard with a tape measure and it should fit without too much of a problem, we just need to get rid of a few trees. The only forseeable problem is moving it from A to B, that will need some thinking as it 3.6m x 2.8mx 1.8m and is quite solid. If it is not easily pulled apart and put back together it may be too expensive an exercise to consider if I have to pay to have it relocated.

It seems we cannot give away these Kentia palms, not one genuine enquiry, I am glad I did not have to pay for the Gumtree ad. I thought by offering something for nothing we would be sure to get rid of them but apparently not.

Back to work tomorrow and then a long weekend to follow, we have a very busy three days planned. Dinner with Jo and Kate Friday night, dinner at Danyel’s Saturday night, off to look at this pigeon loft on Saturday, and then down to Clayton Bay on Monday. Back to work Tuesday for a rest.

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