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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 March 2014

The people of South Australia are at the polls as I write electing a new state government, it would seem to be a forgone conclusion that the Liberal Party headed by Steve Marshall will take office with a significant landslide in the voting. To me this is not a bad thing, South Australia has had a Labor Premier for twelve years and it is time for a change. In my mind it is a two-horse race, I can see no real sense in voting for one of the minor parties, I know that with their preferences the outcome of any election can be changed, blah, blah, blah, but to me voting for a minor party is a wasted vote.

I have never been one to shove my politics down the throats of others, and there are good and bad in both major parties, but change is necessary. A Liberal government will of course institute a number of policy changes, but they will not make change just for the sake of it, they will retain Labor policy where they feel it is beneficial to the people of South Australia, and then one day Liberal will have done their dash and it will be time to put Labor back in power, however I think the Liberals need at least two terms in office. Significant change cannot be achieved in only one term. I make no secret of the fact that I am a swinging voter.

While I am a definite believer in a democratically elected government what I am completely opposed to is the shameful waste of paper products generated by an election, why can we not vote electronically. Granted this may be difficult to set up in the first place but the long-term savings, not just in costs but natural resources as well  would surely outweigh the initial cost. I hate queuing for anything, I would much rather log on and cast my vote electronically. Save the planet!

On a lighter note the world as it should be has now returned, the AFL is back. Go you mighty Crows.


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