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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 March 2014

Brian and I have made a couple of decisions of late, nothing earth shattering but decisions nonetheless. Firstly we have decided it is time to upgrade our internet access to wi-fi, not only will that give us better response times but it will allow me to write my blog whenever I feel like it, and hopefully make it more interesting and more relevant, as I will be able to write whenever the urge takes me.

The other decision we have made is that our new home is too small for us, and while we do not regret buying it as it has enabled us to get back into the property market, it is just a bit snug. We had big plans for this house but we have now realised they are just not practical, nor economically viable as we could be over capitalising on the house. We still love the house and we are very happy here, but we will not make the big changes we had intended as it cannot be our “forever” house, we will save those things for our next move, what I hope will be our last move. My decision now, do I proceed as I really want to and get my racing pigeons now and then move them, or do I wait until we move again?

Yesterday one of my sons sadly lost a great mate due to a very tragic accident. Sudden loss is always the hardest to deal with as you lose any chance of saying goodbye, I love you. It just goes to show that when it is your time there is no escaping it, do not ever let a chance to say I love you pass by.

Today I went to the local spud and hot dog takeaway on Midway Road on my way home from the shops, they are very lucky I cannot find a phone number for them as it was the worst hot dog I have ever tasted in my life. There was nothing “hot” about it, it was luke warm and absolutely tasteless, steer clear. The spuds are better but nothing to write home about.

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