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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 March 2014

Silence is golden, except for the chirping of the birds in our back yard, and they are truly beautiful. Other than racing pigeons I don’t know all that much about birds but these are gorgeous, like little honey suckers of some kind, they seem particularly attracted to the Hibiscus. We also get a lot of white cockatoos here which I am very happy about, I love having birds in the back yard. I still can’t give away those Kentia Palms though, anyone interested.

Brian is off visiting a friend so I have the house to myself, it is very calming. Yes I could be ironing, but I will do that later, and the washing is out drying so my work is done. I have a lovely view of the grapevine growing over our pergola, the trees in our freshly mown back yard, and the birds……bliss! I can feel an afternoon of racing pigeons on YouTube coming on.

Life really cannot get much better, we are buying our own home, I have four wonderful sons and we have eight amazing grandchildren. Three of my boys have partners that we get along well with which helps. We are still able to save a bit, we can still afford to go out for a nice meal occasionally, and we are happy.

This week I will finally find out how advanced my lung disease is, and hopefully I will have a positive plan moving forward. I will still have my birds, I will just have to wear a mask whenever I am in the loft, a small price to pay for the absolute joy I know I will get from these birds. I only said to Brian yesterday that I will now start buying the bits and pieces that I need so  that when I finally get my loft I can set about buying my pigeons straight away. All must be in place by September at the latest in order to be ready for the 2015 racing season. I cannot wait.

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