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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 March 2014

That was a lovely way to spend a Saturday night, good friends Jo and Kate came for dinner, not only did they come for dinner but they bought dinner with them as well. Jo made a Coq Au Vin which was delicious and we finished off with an Apple Streusel cake for dessert that I made. A couple of gin and tonics and some wine later, not to mention a few laughs, and they night is over. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening again girls.

What can I say about the Adelaide Crows, my beloved Adelaide Crows, what a disappointing loss, two games in to the season and two losses, come on boys. I do have to say one thing, no excuses but there were some very disappointing umpiring decisions, against both teams. This happens in almost every game every weekend and never do you hear anything about the umpires being taken to task for their poor decisions, they seem to get away with anything.

Brian is still in a lot of pain, not even a couple og glasses of wine have taken the edge off for him. We were talking about it yesterday and I think he needs to give serious consideration to surgery. My ex-wife had back surgery and she has never looked back. It is a big decision and only he can make it but I think it is worth a try, anything has got to be better than what he is currently living with, this type of debilitating pain saps your soul. Brian puts on a brave face and a good show, but no-one sees what I do.

I read a very sad article the other day about a baby girl who died just five days before her second birthday, that’s right her second birthday. This poor little angel had cancer, what a terrible life this poor child had, a life of cancer, and of pain, no child deserves that. This is one of the reasons I do not belive in God, how could any god let a child suffer in that way. I do believe in fate though, and I do believe in the power of the Universe, unfortunately it was this child’s time. Tell that to her parents, my heart goes out to them.

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