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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 April 2014

That was a nice Papa nap, nearly three hours. It is not often I feel like an afternoon siesta but today was the exception, now I am refreshed but I have achieved nothing.

There was an interesting article on television yesterday about miscarriages, it is surprising just how common they are. This article went on to question why miscarriage is not talked about, it is a taboo subject. What an absolute load of hooey, any subject is only taboo if you let it be.

Many years ago my ex-wife had a miscarriage, as you know I have four healthy sons, this miscarriage happened to be the only daughter my ex-wife conceived. I believed then as I do now that miscarriages are nature’s way, had our daughter been born she may not have survived, or her life could have been very difficult. I am not about to say that I felt the grief of losing this baby any more than my ex-wife did, in fact I recovered quicker, probably because I was not the one carrying her. To this day I have not forgotten that sad day, and I know that it still haunts my ex-wife. Anyway the moral of my story is that we talked about it, and we still do, as I said it is only by silence that you make any topic taboo.

There was a very inspirational story on A Current Affair on Monday night, I do not usually watch this show as I think it is a load of tripe, but not this article. It was about the Lawrence brothers, three young men who recently lost their mother to cancer, whose father had already passed some years previously, with the youngest brother fighting his own cancer battle. The eldest of the three brothers has taken on the role of guardian of his younger siblings, is studying to be a teacher, and volunteers with the disabled. What a marvellous boy, he obviously had excellent parents who would both be very proud.

A Current Affair started a fund raiser to help these boys to which Brian and I made a modest contribution. The amount of money raised for these boys in just 24 hours was phenomenal and I encourage anyone out there to do their bit. These boys are now mortgage free and have their groceries paid for a year, but all that is nothing when compared with their emotional trauma. Truly a feel good story.

Poor Brian is still in agony, he has hardly any relief from this crippling back pain. This is my second time down this road as my ex-wife also had multiple back operations and I looked after the family with little help. I have said it before, but when you watch someone who you love go through pain like he does it is very distressing, but you know what they say about every cloud. His condition is not life threatening so things could be much worse, but it is still difficult to watch, and even those close to him do not see what I do, they have no real comprehension of what he is going through. Brian does not ask for much, just a little compassion and understanding.

On a brighter note I had my eyes checked today and I do not have to go back for another two years. Very happy.

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