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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 April 2014

Brian had a lovely idea this morning, he suggested we drive to Tanunda for lunch and browse the antique stores, I was all for the idea. Watching him move around the house I started to have reservations as he was obviously not having a “good back” day, and I asked him a couple of times if he was sure, stubborn as usual he insisted he was fine. We made it to Munno Para, now he is sleeping. Maybe next weekend. The day has not been a total waste, at least I now have time to do the washing……Lucky me!

Fingers crossed I may have found my pigeon loft, there is a guy not far away that is selling all of his racing pigeons and paraphernalia, and while I was too late to buy his hampers and timing clock, I just might get his loft and perches. He suggested I call back next weekend as he is yet to sell all of his pigeons, you never know I might get some of them as well, but first they need somewhere to live.

None of my favourite shows are on television tonight, no My Kitchen Rules, no Downton Abbey, whatever is a guy to watch?

Time to sign off, I just has a call from Number One son Kane and he is about to pop around with his wife and children, and Number Two son Ryan is coming with his family as well. I said the day was not a total loss. 🙂

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