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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 April 2014

I had an interesting phone call this morning from Miss Two, my grand-daughter Calais. I could not understand much of what she said but she was obviously happy to be having a chat with Papa bless her. She waffled on for about five minutes and gave me a good chuckle, I love that little girl so much.

This afternoon I met son Number 3 Blake for a quiet father and son lunch at the Midway Tavern. We both had the “Roast of the day” which was not too bad, a couple of drinks, and a good long chat. I just wanted a little Dad time before Blake leaves for Alice Springs in a few days time. Bloody hell I miss him already, he is the first to move away, and hopefully the last. Number 4 Wade did try living in Darwin a few years ago but he was very young and it did not last long. I cried when Wade left and I will cry when Blake leaves, what a sook.

This morning we had our house and yard inspected for termites, great news, the house is termite free, bad news, live termites in both the front and back yards. Next step is a chemical treatment. No use complaining about it, this is all part of owning a house, if we do not maintain it we can not expect top dollar when it comes time to sell it.

The next thing is that we have to get rid of the wooden front steps and replace them with concrete, this was recommended by the termite contractor, there is some wood rot to repair in the gables, the pergola timbers are completely rotten and need to be replaced, and the concrete paths around the house have dropped in places. The big problem with the paths is they have dropped towards the house which means the rain runs under the house. Anyone remember the movie “The Money Pit”, it’s not that bad but it could be if we don’t do some repairs now.

On the plus side I am loving this cooler weather. Goodbye Summer, don’t hurry back.

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