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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 April 2014

I had a great day at work yesterday, I love Friday’s as there is only three of us in the office, myself and the owners. Fridays are generally very quiet on the phone and email front, it is my catch up day, I got so much done yesterday I amazed myself, I guess that is why I am still only working part-time. I have 95 plus corporations now and I handle it in four days which is really annoying as I have been there almost two years and am still not full-time.

Last night I was pooped as I am most Friday nights. I am finding that by 8.30pm I am struggling to keep my eyes open so I usually hit the hay early. It must be  a sign that old age is creeping up on me, or maybe it has crept up and overtaken me.

This morning I had my car serviced, two new tyres and $568 later it is like new, well as like new as it can be really, it is a nine-year old car. Next time will be around the $700 mark, a service, new shock absorbers and something else I can’t remember, the timing I think. Anyway I had better start saving, I put aside $25 a week for this type of thing, it is amazing how it adds up.

It is anything but quiet here this afternoon, Brian is snoring up a storm, a man can’t hear himself type. Not that I should complain, apparently that is just what I am like through the night but it doesn’t bother me a bit. 🙂

I have to confess I just woke up from a siesta of my own and realised I had to make an Apple Crumble for dessert tonight. We are going to son Number 2 Ryan’s for tea and I said I would bring dessert. Apple filling is done, I just have to make the topping ready for the oven when we get there. I am looking forward to seeing them tonight, aside from the fact that any day that I see one of my sons is a good day, I have not seen my grandson Cody for a few weeks so I am overdue for a Cody hug.

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