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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 April 2014

We are now halfway through the Easter 2014 long weekend. Yesterday we went to lunch at Carol’s, I worked with Carol for a very long time at Solver/Wattyl Paints. We had a lovely lunch, I had a couple of Gin and Lemonades, Brian and Carol had a couple of wines, and we had a good long chat, next stop Jo and Kate’s for dinner. Jo made a lovely chicken risotto, we had some laughs, straight lemonade for me this time as Brian indulged a little bit more, and then home.

Today we had lunch with a workmate of Brian’s, Danyel, tomorrow is Danyel’s birthday and Monday is Brian’s so it was a double celebration. We  had lunch at The Grace Establishment on The Parade at Norwood and I have to say I was not overly impressed. I really dislike paying top dollar for a fiddly piece of meat and some strangely cooked vegetable, one of those places where you get a big plate and little else. Brian and Danyel had a chicken salad which was sightly more substantial, and the cheese platter we had for dessert was a disgrace, three teeny pieces of cheese and some meagre accompaniments. Not going back there. Oh, by the way, they do not serve brandy, “We only serve cognac”. To top it off the men’s toilet was disgusting. The girl serving us admitted they had cancelled half of their staff when they realised today was public holiday rates, I hope it was worth it as I know you had more than one disgruntled customer today.

It was not a complete loss however, whomever typed up their menu made a rather amusing spelling error that I was only too pleased to point out, they had “vagetables” on the menu. I shan’t repeat the comments that went around the table. I think someone will use spell check next time.

On the way out today I went to look at a pigeon loft and I think this may be the one, I offered the old gentleman $500 which he is considering. Fingers crossed. I shall have to suck up to Number 1 son Kane as I will need his help to move it.

Tomorrow we have the children , their partners, and the grandchildren all over for an Easter Egg hunt and then lunch. I can’t wait.

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