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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 April 2014

Today Brian turns 48 and his younger brother Ian turns 46. Ian lives in Perth so we called him quite early hoping to wake him up as we have had more than one early morning , or should I say very late evening phone call, from him in the past. We had lunch at the Walkers Arms Hotel with Brian’s mother, not a bad meal for $32.50 per head, I would rather pay that than get ripped off at some of the other eating places around town that I shan’t mention again. Before lunch I put $2 in a pokie machine and came out with $35, I was quite chuffed.

I would be lost without Brian, most of the time he keeps me sane, although he has been known to drive me insane as well. He has just woken up from his afternoon siesta, the poor old thing, and is now reclining in his couch like the lord of the manor. Happy birthday Dear, I hope you have many more.  Brian shares his birthday not only with his brother, but also with Queen Elizabeth, although she is just a tad older than he is. We can’t forget Errol in Clayton Bay who also turns 80 something today. Happy birthday Your Majesty and Errol.

I made Brian a birthday cake yesterday, and one of my sons said  that we should keep the numeral candles which decorated the cake, aka 4 and 8, as it will not be long before we can use them the other way around on my birthday cake. No longer in the will.

We got a pleasant surprise the other day, we have been complaining about our excessive electricity bill in this house and behold AGL have made an error and reimbursed us $165. All of a sudden the account does not look so bad.

The mighty Adelaide Crows made it two in a row yesterday which just caps off my weekend, now for three in a row. Come on boys, show the Western Bulldogs what you are made of, a win on the track will make people sit up and take some notice again.

This morning we took Blake to the airport as he starts a new chapter in his life in Alice Springs, and yes there were tears. I fought them back for a while but when he hugged me and told me he loved me I was done. I love you to Son, and I hope this new start will bring you all the peace and happiness you deserve.

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