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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 April 2014

That’s the end of another busy week. On Tuesday night we looked after Kane and Kristin’s four children so they could have a night out, something they rarely get to enjoy. Now a few weeks ago they bought each of their children tablets, and as they have wi-fi at home all the kids get a lot of enjoyment from them, I should add that these kids do play outside a lot so don’t think for a moment they are tied to these tablets, they are for after dinner time.

Master 6 Jayden spent almost all night perched on my lap with his bony little butt playing on his tablet, while Master 3 Zak put up a valiant fight for any lap space he could find. Towards the end of the evening Jayden said “Look at this Papa”, and I was not quite ready for what he showed me. It is amazing what you find when you type “poo” in YouTube. I know I should have told him off but I have to confess that I lost it, what he found was so damned funny. I did the right thing and told his father so I assume he has dealt with it.

Wednesday I had a half day off so after catching up on the shows I have recorded I went to Elizabeth to do a couple of things for Blake that he did not get to do before heading to Alice Springs. I did not realise at that stage exactly where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be appearing but it soon became apparent they were close, I couldn’t resist. I only got the most fleeting of glances but the Duchess is simply beautiful, the television does not do her justice, she is truly stunning.  As for the Duke, I don’t think he is that good-looking, not like Prince Harry, but he has a commanding presence, charisma by the mile.

When I did get to the office I had one of my worst days ever, every one that called me was rude, and some got very personal. Sometimes it is very difficult to be pleasant when you are dealing with such horrible people, but that is the nature of any service industry. To top it off I had a marathon meeting, two and a half hours, I was really very glad to get home.

Yesterday my eldest granddaughter Caitlin had a bronchoscopy and had to spend the night in hospital, not that it phases her one bit, it is more of an inconvenience really. Caitlin is an amazing little girl and tomorrow we are taking her shopping for her birthday presents, she turns eleven on 1 May.

Today is ANZAC Day, and this morning I watched the ceremony in Canberra. I was very impressed with Tony Abbott’ s speech, he looked every inch the statesman, and Mrs Abbott looked lovely. As for Bill Shorten, nothing statesmanlike or dignified about him, he looked like he took a jacket and slacks from his wardrobe and was very out-of-place, he obviously is not comfortable on the big stage.

It was heartening to see veterans from every war and conflict represented, it appears that certain stigmas previously attached to the Vietnam War and more recent conflicts are well and truly in the past, and why shouldn’t they be. Our Diggers past and present are all performing a service to our great nation, they are still away from their families, and they are still dying. Lest we forget.

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