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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 April 2014

I am absolutely knackered tonight, it is amazing how tiring it can be walking around the Elizabeth Shopping Centre with a 1o year old girl spending her birthday money. I hate shopping as Brian will happily confirm so there are not too many people I would make this sacrifice for, only my children and of course my grandchildren.

My beautiful granddaughter Caitlin turns 11 this week and as grandfathers we really have no idea what to buy an 11-year-old girl so we thought it safer to just take her shopping. According to Kane she was very excited to be able to go shopping with us and buy what she wanted.

Our original intention was that we would both take her however Brian’s back is getting worse and he was just not able to walk around. By the time I got home I was shattered and I slept on the lounge for a couple of hours, but back to our shopping spree.

Caitlin is what I call a typical female, she loves to shop so we went into every store that could possibly sell anything she might like, some of them we visited twice. In the end she came away with a pair of earrings, a pair of boots with a small heel and diamantes around the ankle, and of all things she wanted some pyjamas. In all she was a very happy little girl.

After shopping we went to the food court for lunch and then I bought Kane’s birthday present as he turns 35 on Monday, crap I feel old. What did Papa get, just lunch and a much lighter bank balance.:)

I was pretty disgusted by one young woman I saw today who was shopping with two young children. As soon as she was outside of the shopping centre she lit her pipe and choofed away like there was no tomorrow. A fine example she is setting her children, her parents must be very proud.

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