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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..4 May 2014

I have just turned on my computer for the first time in a week and we had 82 emails, only 39 of which made it through the filters to our Inbox. It certainly makes you wonder what other sort of rubbish is out there trying to get through.

It’s been a week since I have written but despite my eldest Son Kane turning 35, my eldest granddaughter Caitlin turning 11, and both Mum and Dad turning 79, it has been quite a lack lustre week, nothing very much to write about. It was a busy week at work but again nothing worth mentioning.

What happened to my beloved Adelaide Crows yesterday, beaten by Melbourne who couldn’t win a chook raffle until yesterday. Even though it was only a three-point loss it felt more like a 43 point loss, better luck after the break boys, I hope.

Lat night we looked after five of our grandchildren, and even though the three girls had some issues as girls do, it was a fairly uneventful night, they were no trouble at all. We looked after them at Kane’s so they had their own beds and lots to keep them occupied, but I have to say Son that your lounge is bloody uncomfortable.

It has now been a week since Brian’s medication was changed and there is  a real difference in him, he is sleeping much better, in fact he is snoring like a banshee now, and you can see he is not in nearly as much pain. Medication is only a band-aid effect though, he still needs to see his specialist and discuss his options.

Birthday girl Caitlin saw her specialist this week and unfortunately the results of her bronchoscopy were not good so this Friday she is off to hospital for a coupe of weeks on an IV, my poor baby. On a brighter note Blake is revelling is his new role in Alice Springs, as well as being the Assistant Manager at the Lasseter Health Club, he is now the DJ at a local club two nights a week, and has been living the “high life” having been interviewed on local radio and then yesterday a hard day in a corporate tent at the Alice Springs races. Landed on your feet Son, it’s about time. 🙂

Well like I said quite an uneventful week. Bye!

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