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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 May 2014

What a weekend, Brian’s stuffed, I’m stuffed, but only one of us is getting an afternoon nap and it’s not me.

Last night Brian’s sister Leanne flew in from Geraldton in Western Australia and we had a family dinner at The Buckingham Arms, not too bad for a smorgasbord. The staff were very attentive and very polite, a vast improvement on The Walker’s Arms, although The Walker’s Arms has a better selection of food, and they are both about the same price.

After dinner we were all booked to stay at the Inter Continental for the night, Joan went and played the pokies in the Adelaide Casino and we settled into Joan and Leanne’s room for a couple of drinks and a catch up. I went to bed about 11.00pm and Brian cane in about midnight. I had one of the worst nights sleep I have had for ages, could it have been something to do with the snoring walrus lying next to me I wonder. 🙂

This morning we hit the breakfast buffet which was not bad but not the best we have had either, and then it was off to Jetty Road at Glenelg for a casual walk and some window shopping. We are home now and the walrus is back.

Yesterday before going to the airport we went to visit our granddaughter Caitlin who is in hospital and I helped her with some of the homework her teacher has sent home, not at all impressed. If what I saw is any example of what these kids are being taught I think the teachers should go back to school, since when does wear, where, and we’re sound alike, not to mention their, there, and they’re, not in the English I was taught. According to Caitlin’s work sheet these words are “homophones”, words that sound the same but can be spelt differently and have different meanings, words like rode, road, and rowed.

I am 55 years old and I have never heard of a “homophone”, you can give it a fancy name if you like, but it does not mean that wear, where, and we’re sound the same.

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