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A World Gone Mad

Like millions of people the world over I am shocked and abhorred by recent events in Ukraine, events that have culminated in the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17. Families torn apart, nations united in their grief, a world in mourning.

One man’s decision to push that button, another man’s decision to supply military arms to terrorists, the world has indeed gone mad. Let us not lose our heads, let no country declare war on another at this time, economic sanctions yes, but not war.

It really is a small world, I went to school with Helena Sidelik, one of the victims of this terrible crime against humanity. I did not know Helena well, we only had a couple of classes together and exchanged few words, but it hits home nonetheless. One cannot hope to imagine what the Norris and Maslin families in Western Australia are going through, how does one cope with the loss of just one child, they lost all three as well as a beloved father.

It is tragedies such as this that make me doubt everything I believe in, how can things like this be allowed to happen. I am sure the families of all those so tragically taken will find their own ways to deal with their losses, whether it be belief in God or simply fate, somehow we do all find a way.

I pray to the Universe that the perpetrators of this terrible crime pay their dues, and that we are never again witness to such horror. Hold your loved ones tight and tell them how much you love them. RIP MH17.

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