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Whooping Cough, Over It

Back to the doctor’s today, I have had this chronic cough since before Xmas and I am well and truly over it. I am fine as long as I am in a warm room but as soon as soon as I change rooms cough, cough, bloody cough. I can’t go out at night, I can’t go out if it is cold through the day. Hello, it is winter.

The last couple of days have been particularly bad, I am coughing to the point that I dry wretch, and I have trouble catching my breath, then I get dizzy and my breath is laboured for quite some time afterwards.

In December it was misdiagnosed as asthma, in February it was misdiagnosed as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which actually made the most sense, and then in May it was diagnosed as Whooping Cough. Like most people of my generation I was immunised against this as a child but that only lasts 20-30 years, and I am slightly past that. This is the third time in five years, it’s not fun.

The only relief I have had to date is when I take the steroid Prednisalone but the doctor only puts me on that for a week at a time. I have tried various linctus medications, umpteen puffers of various sorts, and antibiotics. On Saturday I have my second lot of x-rays. Joy!

Things could be very much worse so I am not really complaining just having a whine.


  1. Ann Wright says:

    Hi Graham, I understand why you are having a whine about this. It is very frustrating when we have all these tests and no answers. However your doctors are being thorough and it does take time. I had the very same symptoms, went through all of the same tests, and I am told now that I have asthma. I am happy with this diagnosis because it does not sound life threatening, however the medication they have given me induces hunger so much so that I feel I could eat the crutch out of a ragdoll every minute of the day!! Hooley Dooley I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to get fat either.

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