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Racing Pigeons

Its been 35 years since I last raced pigeons, 35 years since I have even held one. Racing pigeon enthusiasts the world over say that you can never get the sport out of your system and they are right, I cannot wait to buy my first pigeons again. Racing pigeons is something I can continue to enjoy through my retirement, it will keep me out and about, and hopefully keep me healthy.

Last weekend I took my first steps back into this sport, and yes it is a sport however the pigeons are the true athletes, the fanciers are just the trainers. Anyway last weekend I bought my timing clock which is used to record the times that the pigeons arrive home from a race, I also bought a hamper which is used to transport the pigeons.

I have been looking everywhere for a good book on the  sport written for Australian conditions, and the lovely old man I purchased my clock and hamper from gave me one to read. I told him I would come back and buy it as he had taken all the cash I had on me, however he insisted I take it and pay him when I return for my next batch of purchases.

This man has some of the best pigeons I have ever seen, they all looked strong and proud, and while I would dearly love to buy some of his pigeons at the auction next month I do not yet have a loft to house them in, however after the auction he is selling his lofts and other accessories, and I will be going back for perches, nest boxes and traps. If I can con my eldest son into coming with me I may even be able to buy one of his lofts, although they did not look particularly easy to dissemble.

That’s it, my dream is becoming a reality, and I cannot wait.

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