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Gaza – A Human Tragedy

Let me preface this by saying that I am neither pro nor anti Gaza, and for that fact I am neither pro nor anti Israel, I am simply pro human. Like millions of people the world over I abhor war of any kind, so many innocents die, cultures are destroyed, too many tragic stories to tell, families destroyed.

In an age where missiles can be launched with almost pin point accuracy there can be no excuse for the destruction of the only power station in Gaza, the long-term effects are horrendous. I find it difficult to believe this was an accident, it was a deliberate act to strike at the very heart of the people of Gaza, not just Hamas, but Gaza. Can you imagine living without electricity, we go stir crazy when we have a simple blackout, the people of Gaza may be facing twelve months or more to rebuild this plant. Can you imagine going twelve months with no electricity?

The world must act to stop this senseless carnage, the mass destruction of a people, any people, cannot be allowed to happen. Israel has been plagued by international strife since its creation, what will it take to bring peace to this volatile region.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, thank the universe I am an Australian, truly the luckiest country on earth. Let us all wish for peace.

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