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I am feeling a little frustrated at the moment, I pride myself on always being in control, particularly professionally, but that is just not happening at the moment. I understand that I have just started working for a new company, with new procedures, and new software, but I am finding the transition difficult to say the least.

The software is not as intuitive as I am used to, the manuals are not as helpful as those I used to write, and my co-workers are not as inquisitive, they have not “played” with the software like I do. Simple procedures are no longer simple procedures, more steps, more icons, more of everything, but less information.

Oh well Mitch50, chin up, head down, do not let it beat you. Be the leader, take control, the world is your oyster. Bugger, I cannot wait to retire.

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  1. MrJohnson says:

    I am 34 and cannot wait to retire.

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