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Pride and Prejudice

People please take a little bit of pride in where you live, I am tired of driving around my local suburb only to see rubbish bins over flowing, litter on the side of the road, empty bags of junk food, the list goes on.

This hits even closer to home as the ferals that live next door not only leave their bins permanently on the kerbside, but they often overflow, or the lids fly open and in go the crows for a free feed, flicking the rubbish out of their way so it blows not only onto my own front yard, but up the street as well. I am over it, I will be contacting the council this week. If my neighbours, two of the most unfriendly looking characters you could hope to meet, will not do the right thing I will force their hand. I am certain they are renters, I cannot believe anyone would treat their own home with such disrespect. It is no wonder people look down their nose at the northern suburbs, who could blame them.

As for my neighbours, if indeed they are renters their property manager is not doing their job, what would you do if you were told your tenants were not looking after your property. Lord knows what the inside of the house looks like.

When we lived in North Haven there was never this problem, we were in a nice street in  a nice suburb, and people took pride in where they lived. We have always taken pride in where we live and I will not have anyone else disrespect my home.

We also lived in the country for a couple of years, people in both towns were proud of their towns, the only litter came from tourists, usually city people with no respect for other people’s homes. Prejudice is indeed alive and well, city people may think that country people are dumb yokels, but that is nothing compared to what country people think about city folk who trash their towns.

You can drive down any road any day in the city, and you will see rubbish thrown out the window, cigarette butts out the window. Do you think these people reserve their actions for the city, how many bushfires are started by  discarded cigarette butts. Use your ashtray. Crap in your own backyard if you want to but leave mine alone.

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