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The Dreaded Lurgy

I just cannot shake this lurgy, it does not appear to be whooping cough now but more the dreaded lurgy of the moment. Every second person at work has it to some degree although it appears that I have been afflicted the most.

As we are short-staffed at work I am forced to go in every day and do my meetings which is not really a good thing as I am then coming home as night falls and the air is at its most crisp. I have to confess that I am over it.

I did not leave the house last weekend at all, Brian is sleeping in another room so he does not get ill, and I am coughing and spluttering and spitting out phlegm like a veritable machine. Now there is an image that will burn itself into your  retina.

I really wanted to be well this weekend as my youngest grandson Zak turns four and we still do not have his birthday present and I want to go to the family barbecue. I suppose if I sit inside I will be OK. There is also a pigeon loft that I am wanting to look at which is arranged for this Sunday, but that might have to wait…..Bugger!

Patience is a virtue!

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