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When in Rome……

There is an old saying, “When in Rome do as the Romans do”, given the amount of travel and migration between nations today I believe that statement is more relevant than ever, although perhaps it should now read, “When in my country live by the laws of my country.”

I don’t care what ethnic background, what religion, what way of life you come from, when you choose to live, or even visit a foreign country, you are obliged to live by that countries laws. Should you choose to live in a foreign country I also believe you should have to learn that countries native language.

I am not saying that Australia has it right, not all the time anyway, but I do not believe we should change our laws, our way of life, to suit a minority of foreigners who have chosen to live in this country. I am damn certain that should the roles be reversed no country on Earth would change their laws to suit their own migrant minority.

It is simple really, if you choose to live in a foreign country, then good or bad you must abide by the laws of that country. Generally speaking you leave your homeland and move to another country because there is something about your home nation you are not happy about, and you select the nation to which you relocate because of the way of life available to you and your family there, so why would you want to change it.

Yet another reason why I will always live in Australia.


  1. Ann Wright says:

    I absolutely agree with you .

    • MrJohnson says:

      What kind of laws is Australia changing?

      It’s true that no undeveloped country would give exceptions to laws for any minority but I think it happens in most developed countries. Canada does anyway.

      Immigration is often to the benefit of both parties. For a country, immigration brings in financial investment, new business and people to do jobs that no one else is willing to do because citizens of a first world country are not willing to go down the social ladder to work at a fast food restaurant, be dishwashers, be janitors, pick berries, etc. Forcing people to learn English or not allowing them to freely practice their religion would detour people from coming here to invest their money or to work these jobs. It’s not easy to learn another language especially once you are an adult. Work 8 hours a day and then go to your language class and then find someone to practice with? This is assuming there are no kids to take care of. It would suck or be impossible. It’s easy to think people can just learn English when we’ve been speaking it all of our lives. If every immigrant spoke English, people would start complaining about how they are taking their jobs..haha.

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