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Head or Heart

I am torn at the moment, I have the classic case of wanting to have my cake and eat it too, I need to set my priorities. Do I let my head rule my heart, or my heart rule my head, not to mention Brian, I have to take what he wants into consideration as well. Bugger, it is all too hard.

For a long time I have been sprouting on about wanting to race pigeons again, and I still want to, but I want to travel as well. Caring for racing pigeons is a full-time hobby, they can’t look after themselves so what to do when we travel.

Brian has never really wanted to travel overseas but with our upcoming New Zealand cruise he is getting the travel bug, and so am I, but I want my pigeons. People travel much more nowadays than they did years ago, so more than likely the local racing pigeon enthusiasts do look after each others pigeons to allow for this, but there is only so much you can expect someone else to do for you.

May to October is the racing season, October to January is the breeding season, and April to May you are training the pigeons for the racing season, that only leaves February and March. Now while I am certain that my fellow enthusiasts would look after my pigeons as well as they would their own, they cannot be here 24/7 and if something does go wrong what then.

I have what I think you would call a conundrum and I am not sure how to handle it. I shall continue to ponder. Watch this space.