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The Money Pit

I am starting to think that Brian and I are living in our own little “Money Pit”, as we have spent a lot of money on this little house in the year we have lived here, and there is no end in sight.

We have done the same things we all should do, we have had the property checked for termites, and to our dismay we had termites in both the front and back yards, but not thankfully in the house, so that meant a follow-up treatment and then further follow ups annually. We also had the gutters cleaned and the downpipes flushed, a lot of muck came out them.

Just after we returned from New Zealand we had the drains checked as the toilet was backing up, that was lovely. Two visits by the plumber later and one from SA Water. We are still waiting on the bill for that one.

Then we had a lot of the trees removed as they were ugly, and how can I forget the snake treatment, shudders down my spine just thinking about it.

Last week we had the rotten pergola replaced, that cost us a pretty penny only to find out that the shadecloth on the old pergola was hiding a lot of wood rot that we are now waiting on a quote for.

Then there is the pebbled water feature that was never really done properly, the pebbles are slowly encroaching on the rest of the yard and it just looks very untidy. We definitely need someone to edge that properly, and at the same time they can edge the pavers under the pergola.

I think the biggest job is yet to come, all of the cement paths around the house are coming away from the foundations, I hate to think what that will cost.

What will we do after that lot, well unless we get any more surprises we will place the house on the market, but at least we will be leaving the house in a better state than it was when we bought it. It has now been loved a little.

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