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I understand that commercial advertising on television is a part of life, they pay the bills for the television stations and can sometimes offer up something interesting, some can also be quirky and quite funny. Let’s face it, they are only on for a few seconds at a time, and they give you the opportunity for a loo  or drink break.

Infomercials on the other hand are a whole different animal, and they drag on and on. Answer me this, why do almost all presenters of infomercials have to raise their voices, some almost shout, it does not make me want to buy their products at all, if anything it just irritates me and puts me right off.

My other pet hate with infomercials, why oh why please tell me, are all of their “satisfied customers” American, don’t we have a voice here in Australia, haven’t they sold a single unit of their product to anyone in Australia.

Then we have “wait there’s still more”, all those added extras, freebies, two for the price of one. If they can afford to give away all those extras for free, then who knows just what their profit margins are like, they have to make a buck so presumably we are paying through the nose for their products.

Rant over. Have a lovely day.

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