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Capital Punishment

I do not believe in capital punishment of any find, I do not believe it is a deterrent, and therefore the only purpose it serves is revenge. My belief is that you will either commit a crime or you won’t, I do not believe that any criminal ever thinks about the consequences of their crimes until they are caught. Some people are just born bad, the death penalty cannot stop that.

I also believe in compassion and rehabilitation. Take for example the current situation of the Bali Nine ringleaders, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukamaran, what good can possibly come from their execution, will the world be a better place, will it stop drug smuggling, I think not.

I may look at things in a simplistic way, but it would seem to me that by the Indonesian President showing these two men mercy, along with those other poor souls on death row, he can do more good for his country in the eyes of the world, than by executing them and facing condemnation. There is no shame in being seen to back down and show these men clemency.

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