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RIP Dear Mary

Another dear friend gone but never forgotten, Mary passed away last week leaving her long-term partner Marg alone but hopefully not too lonely. Mary and Marg had many friends in Clayton Bay and I am sure they will rally around Marg as she comes to terms with a new phase in her life.

Brian and I were very touched to be included in the private funeral service held last Friday, Mary had told Marg who she wanted at her farewell and it was our privilege to be in attendance.

It was a bittersweet occasion as we got to see many of the people we had known in Clayton Bay, and although it was lovely to see them and have a good chin wag, it was still a solemn occasion, but not too solemn, that was not Mary’s way and her touch in her own farewell was evident to everyone.

Mary and Marg befriended Brian and I when we had the business in Clayton Bay, and they soon became two of our closest friends. We have had many a lovely meal cooked by Marg, and many a good laugh with them both.

During the period I was alone in Clayton Bay when Brian and I were trying to juggle two businesses and maintain our relationship 300 kilometers apart, I would have been lost without these two wonderful ladies.

RIP dear Mary.

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