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Happy 50th Debbie

Last night I took a short stroll down memory lane, and what pleasant memories they were. Brian and I were invited to a celebration marking the 50th birthday of Debbie, a friend once removed you might say. Before I go on, a brief history, a history that my dear friends from the Blue Gums group are sure to remember.

Back in the mid seventies I first met some of the best friends anyone could wish for, I attended Modbury High School and in 1973 I believe Banksia Park High School took in its first students, however as the buildings were not quite ready for the start of the school year the teachers and students took up temporary residence at Modbury. This is when I first met Mandy, Anita and Christine. Over the years our group grew to include a couple of Julies, Tracy, Louise, Fiona, Johanna, Margaret, and others. On the male side there was Tom, Philip, Bryan, Chris, and of course me. There were others that have come and gone but essentially this was the core group, I hope I have not forgotten anyone.

In the innocence of our mid teens we were inseparable, and most nights before we started to drive we were to be found walking the streets of the north-eastern suburbs, not getting up to any mischief, just being young. Often we would end up at one or other of the girl’s homes and we would sit and chat, listen to music, and of course it was the seventies so we all smoked, not that our parents knew we smoked…..much!

Into this mix came the Thompson family, Julie and her four brothers and sisters, and her very, very patient parents. It was to Julie’s bedroom that we congregated most nights  with the bedroom window open and smoke billowing outside from our cigarettes, who did we think we were trying to kid, occasionally Julie’s younger siblings would open the bedroom door only to be met by a haze of cigarette smoke.

Fast forward forty something years and last night I was back in the Thompson home celebrating the 50th birthday of Julie’s younger sister Debbie, what a lovely night. Mrs Thompson and her second son Paul are sadly no longer with use, but Mr Thompson is as sprightly as ever. I remember that we all showed Mr and Mrs Thompson the utmost respect, and we were in awe of Mr Thompson as he could sometimes come over as a bit gruff.

In those days Mr Thompson worked at a local petrol station, this was in the days when they put the petrol in for you, checked your oil, and cleaned your windscreen. I remember feeling quite chuffed because on those occasions when I frequented that particular petrol station Mr Thompson had to serve me, it always brought a wry smile to my face.

It is a shame that more of us could not have been at the party last night. I was touched by the greeting I received not only from Mr Thompson, but also Debbie, Darren and Andrew, it was a lovely night. Happy 50th Debbie, you are no longer a friend once removed, you are my friend.


Same-Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage, what an emotive issue this is. It would seem that the majority of Australians are all for same sex marriage, let’s see what our politicians think this week when a private member’s bill is introduced.

I am all for same-sex marriage, not that it will make any difference to my relationship. Brian and I will never “tie the knot”, what’s the point, it will make no difference to our relationship at all. Brian and I have been on the same Medicare card for years, we are recognised as a couple by the ATO, and virtually everything we own  is in joint names. We have wills that state we are next of kin, when one goes the other gets everything, we are as “married” as any other de facto couple. Maybe if we were younger.

It is future generations that I am happy for, it should not matter who you love, it should only matter that you love someone and they love you, and you are willing to devote the rest of your lives to each other.

While I am about it I detest labels, I do not like the way that the word “gay” is used, once it simply meant jovial or happy, good-spirited, but now it has entirely different connotations . Why do we insist on labels, why do we have to change the meaning of the simplest of words, is it not enough that you just love someone.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Port Elliot

Brian and I are not long home from a relaxing weekend away in Port Elliot, with three very dear friends. We drove down on Friday evening and had a lovely dinner at the Hotel Elliot, made all the more pleasant by the fact that they miscalculated our drink bill, in our favour. Par for the course I am afraid, I am sure we made similar mistakes we had our own café and pub.

Saturday morning we drove to the outdoor market in Victor Harbor, Saturday night we had takeaway from Mr India which was quite nice, and then this morning a hearty breakfast at Cockles.

We stayed in a house owned by a former workmate from my days at Wattyl, Brian and I had the master bedroom and en suite. Unfortunately the bed was bloody hard so I am very much looking forward to our own bed tonight.

One of the three ladies we were with is very much a “glass half empty” type of person so the weekend was not without its challenges, but overall good food, good company, and a lovely weekend away.

Religious Instruction

Not one to shy away from controversy I think now is the time for me to put finger to keyboard on this most sensitive of subjects. Let me begin by saying that I am not having a go at any one religion or race here, this is simply religion the way I see it.

I am not a religious person, I was not raised in a religious family, however I do respect the rights of all people to believe in whatever it is that brings them peace. I have never pushed my beliefs onto anyone else, therefore I will not tolerate anyone else pushing their beliefs onto me.

I do not agree with door knockers, and although I am never rude they are not welcome at my door. I do not believe in God as such or any form thereof, although I do believe in the power of the Universe, make what you will of that. Oddly enough I was married in a church, for some reason I would not have felt married otherwise, I don’t understand it so why should you. I suppose that makes me a hypocrite.

Until recently I subscribed to a Facebook page called Encyclopedia of Birds, it is a page predominately about pigeons, and we all know how I love my pigeons. Anyway I was surprised by a recent post telling me that Islam is the only true religion, and I should read the Koran, the end result, I no longer subscribe to this page.

Now I am not having a go at Islam here, I know it is a hot topic and very emotive, I believe there is good and bad in every religion and every race, I do not tar everyone with the same brush. What I objected to was that something that I enjoyed was unnecessarily politicised, why do we have to bring our religious or spiritual beliefs into every aspect of our lives.

I do not believe that all mankind descended from Adam and Eve, one could only imagine how inbred we would be. I believe in evolution, it is the only thing that makes sense to me. Another thing that I believe in, freedom of speech.

Feeling Stupid

Friday 1 May was the 12th birthday of my eldest granddaughter Caitlin. Caitlin has faced a lot of challenges in her life thus far, in fact we almost lost her when she was just 18 months old, however other than the fact that she has a cochlear implant you would not know it today, she is a beautiful, charming young lady with a big heart and much courage.

Yesterday Brian and I took Caitlin shopping for her birthday present, this is something we do with all the older grandchildren, as grandparents we never really know what to buy, and as we found yesterday, Caitlin found our taste in clothes for her amusing to say the least.

Anyway after looking through all the shops at the Elizabeth Shopping Centre Caitlin settled on a black cardigan made with glittery wool, a pretty top which came with a trendy little necklace that she fell in love with, and a very sparkly ring.

When we dropped her back home we went inside to see the reaction of her parents to what she had bought, my son Kane was dubious as everything she bought made her look older, but he knows he can’t fight it.

This is where Papa was made to feel very, very stupid, I still can’t believe what I said so here goes. I was explaining to Kane and Kristin that the necklace was hooked into the inside straps of the top Caitlin bought, so they could just unclip it and connect to any top she wished, how very clever I thought. Then it hit me, if you can unclip it then you can obviously clip it around her neck. Duh! Enough said.